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    7 Day Detox Premium™ was created to offer consumers a 100% natural, safe and effective alternative to the many poor quality, overpriced and dangerous colon cleansers


Read about the research done on Colon Cleanse Diets.

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How Can You Avoid Bad Colon Cleanse Products

And Choose One That Will Actually Work?

The Fact About 7 Day Detox!"Not All Detox Programs Are Created Equal."

Make sure you know what you are buying before you buy any colon cleanse product. Cowboy supplement makers are trying to make a killing from this diet craze at the expense of both your wallet and your health.

Buyer beware: Many of the colon cleanse supplement products you see advertised on the TV and internet are not effective and can even be dangerous. Always choose a colon cleanse product that contains natural, proven ingredients or nothing at all!

Your weight loss and detox results will vary greatly depending on the quality of the colon cleanse product you choose. So before you buy, ensure that your chosen product meets all of the recommended criteria for maximum effectiveness.

Why Are Colon Cleansing Supplements Regaining Popularity?

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Colon cleanse diets have recently come back into the spotlight, but they are not new! In fact, people have been cleansing their colons of toxic build up since ancient Egyptian times! This involved a more invasive procedure known as ‘colonic hydrotherapy’ which they used to clear the stomach and intestines of excrement waste build up. 

The practice of ritual detoxification carried on well into ancient Greek and medieval times, and was hailed as the key to health and well-being by many civilizations that followed. This is because the colon cleanse process is the only effective way to remove the build up of harmful bacteria and toxins that accumulate in the stomach.

These toxins leak into the rest of the body causing numerous health issues; from gas and bloating to more series side effects like fatigue, food intolerance and malnutrition. If you have been feeling run down and lacking in energy, with bloating or digestive problems, there is a high chance your colon is clogged up with these damaging toxins and bacteria.

Scientific evidence and research has demonstrated the numerous health benefits associated with regular colonic detoxification, including:

  • Weight loss
  • More energy
  • Better skin
  • Better digestion
  • Better immune health
  • Flatter stomach

Don't Get Fooled When Buying Detox Products!

Because colon cleansing can be so effective, hundreds of dubious manufacturers have produced colon cleanse products which are of poor quality, ineffective and even dangerous.

These include::
  • Oxygen cleansers which cause chronic diarrhea and loose stool
  • Colonic irrigation devices which can cause bowel perforation and infection
  • Unverified herbal preparations which can cause anemia and liver toxicity
  • Restrictive diet plans which can deprive the body of essential nutrients

None of these are worth the risk!

Trying these products could put your health at serious risk. If you want to try a colon cleanse, it is highly recommended that you choose a natural, fiber-based supplement with proven ingredients that will not cause harmful side effects. Anything less than a 100% pure supplement will cause more harm than good.

What About 7 Day Detox Premium™?

Is It A Safe Colonic Cleanser?

7 Day Detox Premium™ was created to offer consumers a 100% natural, safe and effective alternative to the many poor quality, overpriced and dangerous colon cleansers being put out on the market today.
We developed 7 Day Detox Premium™ from pure, natural ingredients known for their health benefits and detoxifying properties. These ingredients carry no harmful side effects and will not interfere with your diet or lifestyle.
7 Day Detox Premium™ is designed to work gradually over a 7 day period; gently cleansing the colon without any harsh side effects. It will not deprive the body of essential nutrients or strip the colon with rough, damaging laxatives.

At 7 Day Detox Premium™, we never use false claims or misrepresent the facts. We tell you about what's available, what works and why. We only quote from real clinical studies. And we will never auto-bill your account or put you on an auto-ship program. You will only be billed once, at the time of purchase, and not again, unless you make another purchase.

What Sets 7 Day Detox Premium™ Apart From Other Products?

  • 7 Day Detox Premium™ is formulated with high quality, potent, effective ingredients
  • 7 Day Detox Premium™ contains only 100% pure, natural ingredients with no artificial binders, fillers or chemicals
  • 7 Day Detox Premium™ has the recommended daily dose of 1800mg taken daily
  • 7 Day Detox Premium™ is manufactured in an FDA registered lab that is cGMP certified
  • 7 Day Detox Premium™ complies with the US Pharmacopeia's quality standards for quality and purity

7 Day Detox Premium™ is the highest quality colon cleanser product available on the market today. If you're serious about losing weight, do not settle for cheap, risky imitations. 7 Day Detox Premium™ is the ultimate choice for serious weight loss and improved health. In fact, we are so confident that you will lose weight and feel fantastic that our product comes with a 100% money back guarantee!